Booking my Consultation with the Bariatric Surgeon

  1. You have done your research, and using the guideline provided in our Which surgery is right for me and Help me Choose pages you have selected your surgical procedure or are almost certain of what you want.
  2. You are prepared to pay for your surgery and have this at our private hospital a time of your choosing with no wait.
  3. You are ready to book an office consultation to discuss the best surgical option for you.
    1. Click the link below, and complete the Patient Questionnaire.
    2. Weight Loss Surgery will open an electronic record for you and make it available to our bariatric surgeons. After review, we will call you for an office appointment at your earliest convenience.
    3. We can also arrange for a long-distance telephone consultation with our bariatric surgons before you come to our office in Montreal.

Click this link to fill out  the Patient Questionnaire form